As we continuously grow our company and take on new people, we’ve confidently realised that training is incredibly important and can impact all our major business goals: safety, recruitment, knowledgeable employees, positive culture, and profit. Although it may seem obvious, employee training can be highly underrated and/or managed poorly within the construction industry.

Optimal Fire offers both on-the-job training and online courses with the training subjects varying depending on the specific employee needs, a few examples of training offered:

  • Health and Safety
  • Products and Systems
  • Plywood box building
  • Management courses
  • Online Systems

We request from our management team to always lead with a training mind and recognize when an employee requires training to ensure we can build on their skills and then in return we invest time and good faith within our teams. Continued learning is important to employees. Creating opportunities through training paves a clear career path for them to follow and gives them confidence not only in our belief in them, but also that we are making plans for their future. We want our employees to be curious and learn so they can take advantage of career development opportunities offered to their current role, whether that looks like preparing them for a Site Manager role or other suitable positions or teaching them a more niche skill set.

At Optimal Fire our approach is to continuously train the evolving elements of an employee’s career. We do our best to assist them, but of course, this also requires input from the employees themselves to work hard, take on the learning and grasp the opportunities given.

We want to shine some light on our employees who have over the past year worked very, very hard to achieve training goals:

  • Recently, Salwan Hana our Project Assistant Manager in Auckland completed his level 4 course in Passive Fire Protection Systems and we could not be prouder. “Completing my Level 4 Certificate in Passive Fire Protection Systems was a welcome challenge for both myself as well as the company. I was supported throughout my study journey and was encouraged to take time from work to complete my assignments. I look forward to using my new skills to continue serving our clients to the best standard.
  • Level 3 course in Passive Fire Protection Systems achievers across our business are:

Sayed, Allan, Cameron, Ali, Theuns and Nik


Written by Estene Gouws, 6 December 2021

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